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Happy #HumpDay ? Believe it or not I am happy that I am allowing my legs to atrophy while pregnant. I do still train glutes 1-2x/week but I never directly work legs except a little hamstring here and there. Why? Because when I was prepping for shows I was Quadzilla and my legs were way too shredded/big for not only bikini but for my personal liking. Nothing wrong with those who have or want big legs.. its just not my personal desire. I hated how I felt when I would gain weight post show and none of my pants would fit and I was stuck in stretchy pants all the time. I also just personally prefer smaller, leaner legs over mass on my frame. So I decided to not isolated legs at all the last few years as I am already very naturally quad dominant and wanted to let some of the muscle atrophy. Its been a few years since I have even executed a leg extension. This doesn't mean I havent worked legs at all because I do train glutes and anytime you work lower body you will obviously be working all parts of the lower body in some manner regardless. However, even with not isolating quads/legs the last few years I still carry a lot of size in my lower body. This is why its important to train smart and for the desired look YOU want to achieve not for what others tell you you should achieve. Everyone has a desired look and everyone is entitled to look the way that makes them happy. Train for what YOU want. Be smart about it. Don’t let a judge, a sport, a coach, a friend, a stranger on IG tell you you should be doing anything other than training for your own health and happiness. I am excited to see if I can get my legs back to where they were before prepping for shows post pregnancy because this is the desired look I prefer all while trying to hold on to most my glute gains ( that will be a challenge and I know I will lose some muscle everywhere with less activity but I will Continue to isolate glutes only post baby) ?"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness? ( Versa spray tan by @yearroundbrowntanning )

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#MondayMotivation for that post baby mom bod ??

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For anyone still concerned with scale weight… The scale is ONE gauge of progress. Don't let it dictate your happiness or cloud your judgement on your results. If you are properly dieting and lifting consistently your weight SHOULD go up year after year ( if you are trying to preserve as much muscle as possible that is). As you can see I weighed 10lbs more on the right than on the left. But in my opinion I love my shape more at a heavier weight. I put in work to maintain size in the places I wanted it over these years to create this outcome. But again… Don't let the scale dictate how you see yourself and be rational and realistic about the process. Sometimes you look BETTER at a heavier weight and again if you're being strategic about your process you should be gaining mass/good weight over time. It's all about the look YOU want aesthetically but don't let the scale get in the way of your progress ?"An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness? ( left photo by @jrobertwilliams middle photo by @wainwrightimages right photo by @neveuxstudios )

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Let's talk about perception, assumption and judgment. It seems so many people on social media are so quick to judge others. To leave comments like "gross" or "she looks like a man" on female athletes photos. And although I do believe it's wrong to express any type of negativity towards others in that manner, I can't help but want to scream at the ignorance of how these comments are judgements based on illusions and assumptions. It just makes me cringe that people don't educate themselves before being so quick to think they're opinion is the right opinion or the correct opinion. These two photos were taken two weeks apart. The photo on the left was two weeks prior to the Olympia in 2013. I appear to have ALOT of muscle mass for a female. This look isn't everyone's cup of tea. I also appear to be very vascular. I was, but the way the image was taken, the desired look we were going for and the concept behind it were specific to creating that look. It was the look my sponsor at the time preferred and the content we were shooting. The photo on the right is two weeks later at the O. I didn't drastically lose muscle mass but I appear to look Lean, more bikini like, and more of what some may prefer in terms of body composition for a female. Again- TWO WEEKS DIFFERENCE. Same person, no change in muscle mass. Just a different angle, different desired image, different pose. In person people would have never said "ew, you look manly" or "she's too big" to me if they saw me during either of these times. But online we pass so much judgement without actually understanding this dynamic of what an IMAGE is. So next time you want to judge someone on social media- check yourself and keep this in mind. No need to pass judgment or make comments on an image even if it's not YOUR cup of tea. Educate yourself and be kind to others. Think before you assume and keep negativity to yourself ? ( image on the left is by @tomnguyenstudio image on the right by @bersanophotography )

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