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Hats ? & braids ??

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Light leg action brought to you in the pretty package of @bombshellsportswear ? these leggings are the bombb I'm seriously obsessed with them, booty sweat and all?! No my back side (and everything else) isn't perfectly round and toned or without a flaw or imperfection, because it is Real and natural and with real comes real flaws- instead of hiding them or resorting to surgeries or injections or anything else that goes on now a days I choose to embrace it and let it motivate me and work on it, because every woman has things they see as imperfections but that's what makes us US! Due to my continuing lower back issues my boyfriend had me doing a light weight to where 15 reps where obtainable, but challenging, for 6 sets with 15 second pauses in between, talk about a burn? the amount of weight isn't everything, it's about how you push it?? #health #fitness #fitspo #fitgirl

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Killed it yesterday live on snap with my total body workout! 60 seconds of it here for you?

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