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Update: I'm still walking 2 miles 2x per day. I cleaned up my diet completely and had my last treat meal for a while last week. This week I'm adding (3) 30 minute cardio sessions to my existing routine. Next week I'll bump that up to (3) 40 min sessions. ?? Also adding abs & core exercises 3x per week. Lots of planks, leg raises, and crunches. I don't usually do much for abs because mine can get pretty gnarly lol but I def want them to pop a bit for the upcoming shoot. ??? The supplements I'm taking are: 1 #ShredHer in the am before my morning walk. 1 scoop #AminoBurner during afternoon lifting sessions. 1 scoop #HerAminos during evening cardio session. And that's it! Keeping it simple. #kiss #nlaforher Follow along on snapchat to see my workouts and meals I'm having! I'm sharing everything there! ? lais_deleon

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[heavier weight or higher reps? READ??] On Mondays we wear @ryderwear & train legs! ?? Wearing @ryderwear lifting shoes and zip up hoodie. — One of the most common questions I get asked is "should I do higher reps or higher weight?" There's no right answer to this, it depends on your goals and what you're most comfortable with. Personally I prioritize weight over reps. I rather do 8 reps of the highest weight I can push than 15-20 reps of a lower weight. That's because my goal is to get stronger and to put on and keep on as much weight as possible. (Hard-gainer here! ?) That's just my personal approach. I will say however, there is definitely a place for higher rep training in any good training program. I love drop sets and burnout/finisher sets. I also like to warm up with higher reps and little to no weight and tons of plyos! I focus more on achieving a pump/fatigue or reaching failure rather than focusing on hitting a certain number of reps. What do you all prefer? Do you notice a difference with training one way over the other? ?Tag a girl who'd like to know or provide input. ??

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I love a good full body workout once in a while! I train pretty traditionally most of the time by isolating specific body parts each day, but if I'm pressed for time or for example this week: I needed to hit each muscle group twice faster than usual if I'm going to be out of the gym/my routine for longer than usual. Did a full body weight workout yesterday & a full body bodyweight workout today. I feel great! Check out our latest bb.com article on full body training for a few Total Body workout ideas and info on how to do it right! ?? http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/head-to-toe-training-in-under-an-hour.html — ALL my workouts have been fueled by #HerAminoBurner lately and I'm obsessed! ? Def the extra edge I needed for my July Challenge and this tough training week! ?? coupon code LAIS20 gets you 20% off on nlaforher.com always.

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Oh…my… Gosh! Chocolate Protein Fudge! ? Who wants the recipe?! These babies are 5 ingredient, no-bake, easy, low carb, low sugar, & high in protein! (made with @nlaforher chocolate eclair protein www.nlaforher.com discount: LAIS20) Sorry I've been MIA, been cooking up a storm working on a new Healthy Supplement Recipes Ebook! ???? So excited for it to launch but I was so proud of these I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about it!! — These are just what I needed for the chocolate cravings I'm having this week. Nomsayin'?! ??? #misteriousladytimes #summershredding #nlaforher #laisdeleonfitnessprogram — I'll share this recipe as a little teaser for you guys if enough of you are interested! LIKE & Comment below, let me know!

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Have you tried Kettlebell training? I love incorporating different equipment into my training for variety. In and of itself, a kettlebell doesn't contain any extra magical powers that produces more results or makes kettlebell training/exercises superior to using any other weight equipment. I use kettlebells in my training because of the variety of exercises and combos I can incorporate into my routines with just the ONE piece of equipment. (If equipment is limited or I'm doing a fast-paced circuit) Also, the design and weight distribution of a Kettlebell recruits the use of more stabilizer muscles and targets the desired muscles through a wider ranger of motion. Here are a few exercises I like to perform using a kettlebell. However, any of these exercises could be done without it or with other equipment as well. — Single Leg Deadlifts Kettlebell Swings Unilateral Kettlebell Clean, Squat, & Press — Sports Crop: @upvibe — This clip includes just a few of the exercises from one of the many FULL workout videos found inside my online training program. LAISDELEONFITNESS.COM ?? ?TAG A GIRL to share this with!

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Bent-Over, One-Arm, Dumbbell Row. I love these because if done right, you really feel it in your lower lats. Great lats will give you the appearance of a tiny waist and I like that ish! ?? One arm dumbbell rows allow for a better range of motion than with a bar because with a bar you are forced to stop where the bar meets your chest. — One of the things I often see people (women in particular) doing wrong when doing these is they are not in the best position to begin with. I understand this may not be the most comfortable or flattering position to be in a full gym, but truly being bent over at the hip & having that opposite leg out far enough is going to give you the balance you need to do this properly and isolate the lat. Notice how I lower my shoulder to get a good stretch at the bottom, then I engage, contract and get a big squeeze at the top instead of (what I often see some doing) keeping the back completely fixed and only using the arm to lower and raise the dumbbell slightly in that fixed position. (doing this would only really hit your rear delts and not your lats) — So really focus on getting that stretch at the bottom, initiate with your lat for a big pull, and get that hard squeeze at the top. ?? — Outfit: @upvibe For more workout videos follow my fitness page: @laisdeleonfitness ?Comment here if your found this info + video helpful! I'm not a mind reader, the only way I know what to post more of for you is if you communicate & let me know!?

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